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Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Talk, Sing, Play, Read every day

  • You are your child’s first and best teacher!
  • Follow your child’s lead as they play.
  • Talk and read with your child in their first language.
  • Help your child learn to share, take turns & respond to “stop”.
  • Encourage your child to make choices & decisions.
  • Embrace opportunities for your child to play with other children.

Promoting Independence:

  • Create daily routines
  • Ensure that your child can manage their own backpack
  • Help your child learn to put on and off shoes/jackets
  • Ensure your child can open and close their lunch kit and containers
  • Your child should be toilet trained and understand how to use a public washroom

Healthy Media Use:

  • Minimize screen time to no more than 2 hours per day … this includes iPads/iPods, looking at your phone, television, movies etc.
  • Know what your child is watching.
  • Avoid using media to manage your child’s behavior. While it can be calming … this should not be the only way your child knows how to calm down.

Sleep and Nutrition:

  • Practice a school appropriate bed-time and morning routine at the end of summer.
  • The Kindergarten day is long, and there are more expectations than a day spent at daycare.
  • Pack a healthy lunch and snacks. Try to avoid processed foods and sugary snacks. Use re-useable containers.
  • Send water rather than juice boxes.

Embrace Time Outdoors:

  • Spend unstructured time in nature.
  • Prepare your child to be outdoors in all types of weather.