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Parents can go directly to: https://schoolstart.ca/, and click on the following:

– Parents Shop Here

– Purchase School Supply Kits

– Select Province, then City, then School

– Lastly, they click on their grade and proceed from there 

Div 1- Grade 4-5- Ashlie Cook – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

 Div 2 English – Steven Deichmann – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 3 – Grade 3-4 English – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 4- English – Sylvia Devenport – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 5- Grade 2-3 – Ms. Bailey – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 6 – Jen Poole – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 7 -Grade 1-2 – English ( Laura Cummins) – Millstream Elementary (Victoria) – 2023 School Start Revisions

Div 8 – Michelle King – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 9- K-1 Supply List – Ms. Sutherland – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 10- Kindergarten – Laura Colton – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 11F – Grade 4-5 FRIMM – Sarah Adams – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 12F- Grade 3-4 FRIMM – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 13F- Grade 3 French Immersion- Jenny Belanger-Borysiak – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 14F- Grade 1-2 French Immersion – Mme. Montero – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 15F – Grade 1-2 French Immersion -Amanda Culver – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 16F – K-1 Supply List – Rebecca Blouin – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)

Div 17F- Erin Mills – Millstream Elementary (Victoria)










Please see the school supply lists below for the 2023-24 school year. There are 3 separate lists: Kindergarten, Grades 1-3, and Grade 4 and 5. These lists include the basic supplies that your child(ren) will need to start the school year. (Please feel free to send your child with some of their old supplies from last year). Your child will only need:

Kindergarten Basic Supply List:

  • Crayola Markers
  • Crayola Crayons
  • Glue stick – purple
  • 1 Hilroy writing book – plain 12154

Grades 1-3 Basic Supply List:

-two pencils

-one eraser

-pair of scissors

-glue stick

-markers and/or crayons

-pencil pouch or pencil box (for storage)

Grades 4-5 Basic Supply List:


Pencil sharpener



Coloring pencils

White paper

Lined paper

Pencil case

Once your child(ren) has been assigned their teacher, the teacher will supply an additional list with supplies specific to that teacher.  We will be using School Start again in September for the individual teacher’s supplies list.   School Start does have the stock and will be prepared to receive our order.